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Kenji Takahashi, CEO of Senko Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Each person "Reforms", "Creates" and "Executes" to be a sincerely pleased company

Senko Forwarding Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 2020, to take a lead role in carrying out Senko Group Holdings' corporate slogan "Moving Global".
We are aiming to build a global network with two our main business, which are forwarding business that can quickly accommodate changes in the international environment and high quality customs clearance business in Japan.

We see an era of high uncertainty as a great opportunity to reform the structure of existing businesses, and we will actively take on the challenge of creating new business.

In order to realize the optimal international integrated logistic service that best use of our high expertise and Senko Group's domestic and Overseas bases, we are aiming to be a true global network company with the keyword of "Connecting".
We will connect "Japan and overseas", "overseas and overseas" and "customers and customers".

Representative Director Kenji Takahashi